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The controversy over forming a Gay-Straight alliance club in a FL middle school.

The Lake County School Board and Carver Middle School are deep in the middle LGBT controversy all because of a bisexual middle school student attempted to start a Gay-Straight Alliance club.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, openly bisexual eighth-grader Bayli Silberstein, has been working to get a GSA at Carver Middle School since last year.  Silberstein said she is hoping the club will help support LGBT students who feel bullied because of their sexual identity at Carver Middle.



Her cause has gained community support and is now backed by the ACLU.  The ACLU points out that the federal Equal Access Act does not allow school districts to pick and choose which clubs to allow based on what they think students should or should not discuss. If a school allows any student group to meet that doesn’t have a mission directly related to school academics, then it cannot deny other students groups the same access. In Florida, the law applies to middle and high school students.

Apparently inspired in part by Silberstein’s activism at Carver and by the stipulations in the Equal Access Act, the Lake County School Board is weighing restrictions that would place limits on on extra-curricular clubs in area middle schools including the of banning all extra-curricular clubs in secondary schools or at least in middle schools.
Chairwomen Fischer said the district should focus on education and that “social engineering” is not the job of the School Board. “It is not our job to socially mentor students, but to educate them,” Fischer said.

But this statement seems to make the school board role in all of this even more confusing.  If a member of the board believes that it is not the job of the district to be involved with socially mentoring students then why make any type of ruling the clubs allowed at schools at all?  Just site the Federal Law and go back to focusing on the educational issues facing the district.  Why ban all clubs just to stop this one club from forming?  It won’t stop all the attention to this case, instead it’ll probably cause more of an uproar from other schools as they loose their clubs.  Would this ban focus only on the non-education clubs (since the federal law protects clubs that have a mission directly related to school academics).  In the middle schools in the Lake County district we find clubs like Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD), The Multi-Cultural Club, a robotics club, etc. which are more social than educational programs thus subject to the potential ban.  Also, where do you draw the line at non-educational clubs?  Technically sports teams are non-educational clubs and any creative arts club may not what some consider educational.  The ban that is being considered by the school board comes across an aggressive defensive strategy meant to force Bayli Silberstein and her supporters to back down or risk being seen as the bad guys that took all clubs away.

Here hoping that the school board members take a step back and carefully evaluate the situation at hand before they make their decision.


To read more, visit: The Huffington Post and the Orlando Sentinel.

Whitney Kropp: A tale of rising above bullying.

Whitney Kropp

Whitney Kropp was ecstatic when she heard she was nominated for homecoming court at Ogemaw Heights High in West Branch, Michigan.

But her enthusiasm quickly turned to embarrassment when it became clear that her classmates had only nominated her as a prank which was started by the school’s most popular students. (more…)

Update! Pot, not bath salts created the “Miami Zombie”

(Photo Credit: Mr.Ebola)

According to drug tests, marijuana, not bath salts was used by the now late Rudy Eugene, 31,  in a zombie-like cannibal attack on a homeless man, 65-year old Ronald Poppo.

According to (CNN) — The naked Florida man who chewed off the face of another man last month in a zombie-like cannibal attack used marijuana but not “bath salts” as police had suspected, authorities said Wednesday. (more…)

Bath salts strike again and again…

Robert William White yells at onlookers as police drag him from the scene of the alleged crime.
(Photo credit: Nydailynews)

Police say they had to use rubber bullets and a Taser to take down Robert William White, who had allegedly attacked a neighbor an hour before in a fit of rage caused by synthetic drugs. (more…)

Allegedly, bath salts strikes again. Charles Baker, Florida’s newest zombie–Really? (VIDEO)

The latest Florida Zombie, Charles Baker. Bath Salts suspected.
(Photo Credit: Tampa Bay)

On June 21, 2012, Charles Baker, 25, in Palmetto, Florida, allegedly bit a chuck out of Jeffrey Blake’s, 48, left biceps while visiting his ex-girlfriend’s house. Apparently, shortly after Blake let Baker into the house, Baker lost control of himself, screaming, clenching fists, stripping naked, and biting Baker’s arm. (more…)

Ronald Poppo survives the Miami Cannibal’s attack! (Graphic video & pictures)

Ronald Poppo

Warning! The below content contains graphic content of Ronald Poppo, who survived a horrific attack. Viewers discretion is advised. (more…)

“Flesh in teeth!” Miami Cannibal Autopsy Revealed (video & photos)

Rudy Eugene (left) and Ronald Poppo (right)
Photo credit:

Well, I’m not sure if this will be the last we hear about the horrific face-eating Rudy Eugene, aka “Miami Cannibal”, but the autopsy report is out.  Now, you might think the autopsy would reveal some amounts of flesh in Eugene’s stomach, especially from all of the surveillance video footage of him tearing and chewing the face off of Ronald Poppo’s face, the homeless man Eugene brutally attacked on the Miami’s MacArthur Causeway; but, the report revealed no such thing. In fact, according the Miami Herald, (more…)

Zombie Apocalypse continues. Louisiana man bites off a chunk of neighbor’s face. (video & photos)

Todd Credeur (left) and face biting suspect, Carl Jacquneaux
(Photo credit:

I know, I know! Just when you thought we were over the Zombie Apocalypse from the Miami man who ate the face of an homeless man during Memorial day weekend, here we go again. According to KATC, police say a Lafayette Parish man, Carl Jacquneaux bit a chuck of his neighbor’s face, Todd Credeur over a domestic issue. So far, it appears that Jacquneaux was under the influence of synthetic drugs, but awaiting further reports.  (more…)

Ronald Poppo, victim of the “Miami Zombie” attack has a long recovery ahead (gruesome photos & videos)

Rudy Eugene, left, and Ronald Poppo, right. (Photo credit:

While the Miami police department continue to investigate what some are calling the most bizarre attack in South Florida’s history, Ronald Poppo’s, the victim of this horrific “Bath Salt” zombie attack, recovery may turn out to be just has bizarre and terrifying as his attack.

Viewer beware! (more…)

Unfortunate Example of the Bystander Effect

Photo credit: Craig Wilson

A World War II veteran, Aaron Brantley, said nobody helped him in the minutes after he was attacked and carjacked during daylight at a busy Detroit gas station.  Brantley was on way home from Bible study when he stopped to put gas in his 2010 Chrysler 200, which he recently bought to replace another car that had been stolen.  The carjacker attacked and knocked Brantley down, breaking his leg in the process, took his keys and drove off in his car about 10:40 a.m.  Because of his broken leg, Brantley crawled across the gas station lot to try to get help.

“I was trying to go in [to the gas station]… and see if somebody could call the police and an ambulance because I couldn’t stand. I had to crawl — I tried two or three times to get up.  People were passing me just like I wasn’t there. … I was crawling and they just walk by me like I’m not there,”

To read more, visit Yahoo News


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